Shadow Man To Be Remastered With New Content

I guess Nightdive Studios just gets to remaster all the games now. Even the games they already remastered! Hot off the heels of announcing their Blade Runner remastering, remaster specialists Nightdive announced they are also remastering Shadow Man (1999). Which is funny, because they already re-released Shadow Man in 2014. So is this a remaster of their 2014 game then?

I kid. The new Shadow Man remaster will be done on Nightdive’s proprietary KEX engine. The engine has been designed to restore classic games, and run them to more modern standards on current platforms. Here’s a list of new features that the remaster will boast:

* 4K widescreen display
* Dynamic shadow mapping
* Dynamic per-pixel lighting
* Antialiasing, and other post-process effects
* Higher density of particle effects
* Refined art, audio, and assets
* Refined gameplay experience
* Reintroduction of missing content cut from the original game
* Xbox, PS4, Controller Pro support
* HDR Rendering

While this new version of Shadow Man won’t be available until 2021, you can still get Nightdive’s 2014 Shadow Man by clicking here for the Steam store page.

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