Rogue Lords Is Perhaps The Evilest Roguelike Ever Created

Have you ever been down to Georgia while you’re looking for a soul to steal? Have you ever been in a bind because you were way behind and were looking to make a deal? Well Cyanide and Leikir Studios have a great deal for you. In their upcoming game Rogue Lords, you step into the devilishly sharp shoes of The Beast. 

Rogue Lords has you playing the role of the Devil. After being defeated by some very successful demon hunters, the Devil has returned to take vengeance and bring balance (unbalance?) back to the world. Hiring history’s greatest evils, like Dracula, Bloody Mary, Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and more, you must use each character’s powers in order to crush the forces of good. 

Combining the turn-based gameplay of Darkest Dungeon and Golden Sun, Rogue Lords is a roguelite, with procedurally generated runs and permadeath. Each villain you have on your team has their own abilities, but the Devil can also influence the battle as well. One of the Devil’s abilities is the power to spend souls in order to manipulate the enemy’s health bards to your liking, which seems pretty powerful if you just set them all to zero. 

Rogue Lords will be released sometime in 2021. To wishlist the game, check out their Steam page by clicking here

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