Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Serving Up Scares in December

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm wanted Christmas to come early. The adventure cooking simulator with just a touch of horror releases December 3. It will come to Steam and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, followed by an early 2022 release on the Nintendo Switch.

In the eponymous game, you’ll report to the restaurant and serve customers every night. It doesn’t matter what happened the night before. Your manager doesn’t care. But something bothers you. You have no memories apart from a nagging itch to go to Happy’s Humble Burger Farm for your night shift. While doing so, you’ll manage the restaurant’s graveyard shift alone and try not to think about the unsettling parts. What’s really going on with Happy’s Humble Burger Farm? What’s Obscura Biotech? Who or what is Paragon? And who are you? Explore New Elysian City to discover the truth.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm Grill Screenshot
The real horror is dead-end customer service jobs. What do we even call this genre? Labor horror? Job horror? At least Happy’s Humble Burger Farm has the non-slip mats.

You can Wishlist and follow Happy’s Humble Burger Farm on Steam today. Hold in that anticipation of working at a tacky fast food restaurant at 2 in the morning for just a little longer. Work that greasy grill and keep the home fries burning. Other highlights include over two hours of talk radio and 60 television programs to dissociate to. If you don’t want the story, you can unlock Endless Mode and become Happy’s Humble Burger Farm’s most talented line cook making $7.25 an hour. There’s a trailer, too, which you should check out. And don’t forget our Ultra-Indie Spotlight Sunday impression, which you can find right here.

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