Subway Midnight Arrives Late October

Subway Midnight arrives later this month, according to developer Bubby Darkstar and publisher Aggro Crab. The player will help ghosts move on to the afterlife while fleeing a stalker through a subway system. Each car holds a different creepy, almost psychedelic, experience. Subway Midnight comes out on October 28, just before Halloween.

Subway Midnight was the culmination of 3 years of solo effort on my behalf. I set out to create a wacky, light-hearted, and unique take on the horror genre in a way that really reflects my inspirations and aesthetic, and I hope that will shine through for every player.”

Bubby Darkstar, developer of Subway Midnight

Boasting about 100 different train cars to explore, bizarre puzzles, and “Way Too Many Ghosts,” Subway Midnight includes three different endings across multiple playthroughs. There’s also a creepy-cute aesthetic that changes as the art styles shift. It does caution that there are sequences of flashing lights which may negatively impact photosensitive players.

Subway Midnight is also the first title published by Aggro Crab, an indie studio based out of Seattle. They previously developed Going Under, a third-person dungeon explorer themed around failed tech startups.

Subway Midnight Arrives Screenshot stalker
“He’s just standing there… menacingly!”

“We’ve been around long enough to have seen a lot of unfavorable publishing deals for other developers, so hopefully this initiative can inspire the rest of the industry to be more generous as well,” wrote Nick Kaman, the Studio Head at Aggro Crab. The company will take 10% of the revenue, and only after selling at least 10,000 copies.

If you want to hop on the Subway Midnight train, you can do so by Wishlisting or following its development on Steam. There’s a trailer, too, which you can find linked up above or on the Aggro Crab YouTube channel. And don’t forget: the train comes at midnight. Have your ticket out and ready for processing on October 28.