HBO To Bring The Last of US To Life In TV Series

Of all the games out there, few better lend themselves to live adaptations than The Last of Us. Released in 2013 by Naughty Dog, the game was just the next big step for a studio that had been pushing the line of cinematic storytelling for over a decade. Ever since the studio put out Uncharted in 2007, fans have been begging for a Film/TV adaptation. Though The Last of Us and Uncharted are tonally very (very very) different games, both series possess a trifecta of cinematic action, unforgettable setpieces moments, and deep characters. Rumors have swirled around for some time about an Uncharted film, and for now those rumors will stay that way. We’re here to talk about The Last of Us. As of today, HBO has announced they are working on a series based on the hit PS3 game.

The story was broken by The Hollywood Reporter, which has a whole article about it you can read here. Here are the key points. First and foremost, the story of the series will cover the events of the original The Last of Us game. Whether the series will cover their entire journey or across the United States or just one season is yet to be known. They are also leaving the possibility of adding content from the upcoming The Last of Us Part II. Whether or not this will find its way into the show as additional webisodes, integrated plot points, or an entire second season is also unknown. If my radar is on point, I’d be willing to bet we’ll see the entire The Last of Us story in the first season, with the introduction of new characters that are revealed to tie into the events of The Last of Us Part II. I’d also be willing to bet that the Left Behind DLC works its way in as one of those prologue episode 0 that are so popular nowadays.

What we do know for sure is that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have been brought on to write and executive produce the show. Craig Mazin is already an HBO vet, having created the recent Chernobyl series. Druckmann is the mind behind The Last of Us, with the game being inspired by a concept he created a student at Carnegie Mellon University. With those two creative minds at the helm, I have no doubt that the series will be just as poignant as the original game. It’s also safe to bet that this isn’t the last co-production we’ll see between Sony and HBO. As reported by THR, Sony Pictures Television Studios co-president said, “This is the first of many shows we intend to develop with our friends at PlayStation Productions.”

No official release date or cast list has been announced for The Last of Us series. If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments below. Until then, you can pre-order The Last of Us Part II by clicking here.

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