Pathologic 2 Will Torture Players (In A Good Way) On PS4 March 6th

I’ll admit it: I wussed out my first time playing Pathologic. This was back in college, and like many college students I had a lot of opinions and basically no resolve. I would go on for hours about the brilliant game design and evocative world. But I’d give up within 30 minutes of trying to play it. It wasn’t until a few years later when a much more grizzled and bitter Ted would be able to muster his way through it. When Pathologic 2 Launched last year, I was pumped. If you’re not aware, Pathologic 2 is basically just a redux of the original Pathologic. Which is fine. The original was a beautiful broken mess. Updating it with an entirely new engine was as necessary as purging the plague with fire.

Unfortunately, the game is currently only 1/3 of the original. You only get to play as Haruspex. The developers Ice-Pick Lodge have promised that the rest of the chapters are still to come. The studio has since been plagued with financial instability, making the future of the franchise rocky at best. That being said, even in its unfinished state, Pathologic 2 is a sublime experience that should not be missed. If you own a PC and love artistic visionary games, you have no excuse not to grab Pathologic 2. And soon, PS4 owners will have no excuse as well.

Announced last week in the Tweet above (I was at PAX, don’t judge me), publisher tinyBuild let the masses know they could get Pathologic 2 for PS4 on March 6th. If you haven’t had a chance to play it before, you definitely should. My hope is that the release will make enough money to fuel the development of the remaining chapters. If you haven’t checked it out on PC, head on over to Steam by clicking the link here. It’s 50% off until the March 6th PS4 release, meaning you can get it for just $17.50. Even at 1/3 the game, it’s well worth the price.

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