In Under You Have To Survive After Someone Sinks Your Battleship

One of my most prevalent thoughts when playing Battleship, the fun board game about naval murder, is that the people on said ships are probably not having a good time. This is the case in Under, a game set shortly after World War 1, where you play as a veteran on an ocean liner that’s having some trouble staying afloat.

You’ll step into the shoes of Alexander Dockter, who’s having what we’d classify as a bad day. You see, he’s on a ship that’s in the process of sinking. Naturally, this is a bad time to be reminded of the horrors of war, but Alexander is going to get that as well. This takes the form of monsters that are more than willing to help sink the ship and make sure you can’t escape in time. So good luck with that.

Thankfully, Alexander isn’t totally defenseless. Sure you probably don’t exactly want to get into a fight with the strangely tall and lanky soldier that wanders the hallways, but there are weapons just in case you do find yourself in such a situation. Also, try not to let yourself drown. The boat is skining, after all, and you really don’t want to be the guy who drowned while being chased by a monster, do you?

Under will be launching later this year. For now, you can add the game to your wishlist here.

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