98DEMAKE Releases Teaser Trailer For Mysterious Upcoming Title 2:32

Indie developer 98DEMAKE released the first trailer for their upcoming title. 98DEMAKE is known for their other two titles, OK/NORMAL and SEPTEMBER 1999. This latest game is called 2:32, and right now that’s about all we know about it.

The teaser trailer reveals very little. If you haven’t already guessed, 2:32 takes place at 2:32 am. We see the interior of an apartment or house, windows boarded up and strewn with papers. Within the house there is a dismembered body hanging from the ceiling like a baby crib mobile. Other clues revealed are several bottles of what we can assume are wine as well as a bottle of unknown medicine, possibly drugs.

At this juncture, this is the extent of information available about 2:32. For more updates, follow 98DEMAKE on Twitter by clicking here.

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