Prodeus Co-op Mode Coming

Today’s Realms Deep digital event included a large number of trailers for current and upcoming games. One of the games, Prodeus, will be adding multiplayer to its game modes. Humble Games and Bounding Box Software released the trailer but have not elaborated on dates or provided a roadmap at this point in time for Prodeus co-op.

The upcoming update will apparently include a new campaign and several community maps. There will also be several new tracks from Andrew Hulshult. According to Humble Games and Bounding Box Software, the multiplayer will be rolled out in phases. The first Prodeus co-op phase will include workshop co-op, presumably followed by campaign co-op, and eventually PVP multiplayer. The official Prodeus Discord server is one of the best sources for information regarding Prodeus co-op and multiplayer.

Prodeus serves as a throwback to older first person shooters, but enhanced with contemporary techniques for better rendering and graphics. It seeks to balance providing a AAA experience with the aesthetic technical limitations of older hardware. There’s a full campaign in Prodeus now, along with a full level editor and community map browser. One can easily draw a comparison to the popularity of DOOM WADs in the days before convenient, easy level editing.

Bounding Box Software includes the talents of Michael Voeller and Jason Mojica, who combine a quarter-century of experience in regards to FPS development. Prodeus emphasizes its old-school aesthetic with good map design and a dynamic soundtrack to keep players immersed.

The trailer for Prodeus and its co-op patch includes plenty of visceral content as it reveals bits and pieces of its new campaign. Humble Games and Bounding Box Software will likely reveal more in the coming weeks to months as the targeted release dates for Prodeus co-op presumably approach. Be sure to check out the trailer, linked here for your convenience. You can also pick up the Early Access version on Steam.