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Scarlet Hollow Episode 2 Launching Next Month

Black Tabby Games, the developer and publisher for Scarlet Hollow, announced Monday that the second entry in the episodic series would come to Steam on June 11. Dread XP already left their own impressions of the first episode in a review. To sum it up, if you like visual novels and choice-based narratives, then give Scarlet Hollow a shot. The demo of the first episode is also free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out but your time.

Scarlet Hollow takes the form of a visual novel, using choices to drive the plot. It takes place in the Appalachian Mountains of North America. The player gives their avatar a name, pronouns, and hometown as well as two different traits. Their character attends the funeral of their estranged aunt in town, staying with a relative. They meet their host and their aunt’s daughter, their cousin Tabitha. Unfortunately, a much bigger mystery soon reveals itself, threatening to engulf the town and the protagonist with it. There’s also moldy food, creepy abominations, an opossum, precarious architecture, mutant growths on wildlife, and at least one disgusting bathroom. A dynamic relationship system adds some complexity and depth to the characters, as well.

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There are multiple choices to make regarding your background.

Originally funded on Kickstarter, Scarlet Hollow earned over $80,000 with over 2,700 backers. It also picked up both the Runner Up and Gamers’ Choice awards from AT&T Unlocked Games. Abby Howard, developer of Scarlet Hollow, participated in the 2020 all-female developer edition. You can pick up the demo of the first episode either via Steam or the developer’s page.

Howard’s other works include The Crossroads at Midnight (comic), The Last Halloween (webcomic), and Junior Scientist Power Hour (also a webcomic). You can also take a gander at even more of her other projects and contributions here. Black Tabby Games is an indie studio run by Abby Howard and her spouse, Tony Howard-Arias.

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