Perennial Order Travel Forest

Perennial Order, 2D Plant Horror Boss Rush, Expected 2023

SOEDESCO and indie game studio Gardenfiend Games have announced their collaboration on Perennial Order. A 2D boss-rush twinstick shooter with a botanical motif, the team expects to release it some time next year. Gardenfiend describes it as “Hollow Knight meets Titan Souls,” with an art direction and world inspired by Dark Souls and Princess Mononoke. Essentially, it combines a dark, beautifully dangerous art direction with boss rush gameplay.

Whether you choose to explore the Little Shop of Horrors alone or with a friend, you’ll meet odd NPCs, slay terrifying fiends, and explore its pretty-in-a-dangerous-sort-of-way environs. Unique bosses lurk around every corner, each with their own tests of skill. Melee combat utilizes twin-stick gameplay to turn on a dime. Even with your single hit point, you can respawn from the start of a fight rather than spend time getting back to the arena. And, of course, each boss has its own distinct musical theme to help you identify them. When playing with a co-op partner, you can play the entire game, start to finish. The playthrough stays linked, and you can play together either online or via local co-op.

Perennial Order Red Plant Boss
Survive the botanical blight when Perennial Order comes out next year.;

Gardenfiend Games is a small team of four people. Perennial Order marks their debut on Steam. James Markiewicz handles programming, Vincent Van Hoof serves as the artist, Miguel Félix is the team’s animator, and Julian Crowhurst produces the music and audio. “We have been working on our passion project for over a year. It’s our debut game in a niche genre, but SOEDESCO saw the potential in us and our project. It was clear that SOEDESCO shared our excitement for the world we are creating. Our team is working hard to make something amazing for the fans of the boss rush and horror genres,” the team wrote in a statement.

SOEDESCO, the publisher, began in 2002. Soedesh Chauthi founded the studio in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Since then, it has expanded its office to Madrid and Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Other titles include Dollhouse, Owlboy, and St. Kotar.