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Ashwalkers, a Narrative Adventure, Coming to Nintendo Switch

DONTNOD co-founder and Life is Strange co-creator Hervé Bonin has announced that Nameless XIII will bring Ashwalkers to the Nintendo Switch. Starting life as a student project, Ashwalkers has grown to become the debut release from the new indie studio. Expect it in Q1 of 2022. Ashwalkers previously released on Steam this past April. It’s also 20% off until November 1, so if you can’t wait, you can nab the PC version.

After a volcanic geological disaster, a group of people known as The Squad travel the world in search of a safe haven. The dangerous terrain isn’t the only dilemma they’ll face, however. Each part of the wasteland will feature a moral dilemma. As they journey, the player must manage food and equipment. Depending on their actions, Ashwalkers has multiple different endings (almost three dozen). Each playthrough is about two hours, with various branching paths. The Squad has four distinct characters with their own motivations and stories.

“I’m very happy that a whole new group of gamers will have the opportunity to experience Ashwalkers. It is a very personal and intimate story, making it a perfect fit for a handheld console.”

Hervé Bonin, founder of Studio Nameless XIII

Ashwalkers will be available through the eShop, but Meridiem Games will also provide a special physical edition with a unique box and art book.

Ashwalkers Survivor's Edition goodies
Meridiem Games’ Survivor’s Edition includes a number of physical extras, including an art book.

Nameless XIII is a new French studio made up of seven employees. Among them are former ETPA Toulouse students, who created the prototype of Ashwalkers. The team intends to focus on narrative survival games with difficult moral choices awaiting the player.

Dear Villagers is Plug in Digital’s publishing label. Previous publications include The Forgotten City and Recompile. They publish on both PC and console systems.

Meridiem Games strives to meet the demands of gamers for physical editions. Some of their previous physical editions include Fahrenheit 15th Anniversary on the PS4, KUNAI Day One Edition, and Pang Adventures Buster Edition.