Darksburg Challenges You To Survive Zombie Hordes Gauntlet-Style February 12th

Who doesn’t love to smash zombies with friends? Hell, there’s basically a whole industry based around it. Zombie hordes are a great guilt-free way to let out all that inner rage. Watch the bodies and limbs fly without a care for how you just orphaned a village full of baby shambling monstrosities. The only problem is, with all the zombie smasher/shooters out there, which one do you pick? Well, on February 12th, Darksburg enters the mix. And it lets you play as a zombie-slaying werewolf.

From the creators of Northgard and Evoland, Darksburg is a new cooperative zombie smasher from Shiro Games. Starting February 12th, PC gamers will be able to jump into the action with Darksburg Early Access release. Take note, this is Early Access. Expect some bugs and unfinished content. Still, there’s quite a lot to see at launch. The game features 4 playable characters, including the loveable werewolf Varag and the brutally benevolent Sister Abigail. Each character will have their own set of skills to be unlocked and leveled up. It also launches with five maps and a horde-style Last Stand mode.

In a fun twist on the genre, Darksburg will also feature a competitive PVP mode. While not uncommon in games like Left 4 Dead, top-down cooperative games tend to just focus on the PVE action. Playing as the Revenants, the PVP mode will let players take control of the various special undead in an attempt to stop the human players dead in their tracks.

If you want to check out Darksburg, you can click here to check out the game’s Steam store page. No word yet on a price, or if console releases are in the works. Check it out if you want some quality, cartoony, hardcore zombie action!

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