Quantic Dream Announces Partnership For Publishing Dustborn

Quantic Dreams announced yesterday that they will have an exclusive publishing partnership for Dustborn. Quantic is best known as the developer behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. To my knowledge, this is the first game they are publishing and not developing, which leads to some interesting implications about the future of their company.

As stated by Quantic Dreams co-CEP Guillame de Fondaumiere: 

We are very excited to work with the team at Red Thread Games on this beautiful project. From the very beginning, we were captivated by Dustborn’s ambition, its visual and gameplay originality, its colourful characters, and the themes it addresses. Our goal as a publisher is to enable Red Thread Games to express their vision in the best way and then share it with as many people as possible. Quantic Dream will provide Red Thread Games with its own technical and editorial resources.

As for the game itself, Dustborn takes place in a “post-infodemic” United States after a maybe cataclysmic maybe not event called “The Broadcast.” The country is now ravaged by an authoritarian government called Justice and puritanical puritans called Puritans. And also some people have word-based superpowers. You play as Pax, superpowered outlaw and mother-to-be who is attempting to cross the continent and make it to the Free Nation of Nova Scotia. 

For more information, check out the Dustborn website by clicking here.

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