The Guy That Recreated P.T. On PC Is Coming Out With His Own Horror Game, Death of Rose

So there are about a billion indie horror games out there that barely move the needle. It’s really not that hard to make something poorly lit and buggy on purpose. For every game I focus on in my Ultra-Indie Spotlight, there are 20 more I quickly delete and never think of again. But when the guy that recreated P.T. and the Silent Hills’ trailer map comes out with his own game, you have to take a look at it. From developer Artur Łączkowski, Death of Rose is looking to raise the bar of what to expect from an indie solo-project. I mean, just look at that trailer. I’m already spooked.

Death of Rose tells the tale of Scott and Beth, two best friends who decide to explore the halls of an abandoned school. Well, Scott does at least. Beth is too creeped out, and decides to stay home. I can’t really blame her. Exploring abandoned buildings is step one to finding yourself in a found footage movie, or at least mauled by a confused bear. Beth isn’t absent however, and serves as Scott’s calming companion through a walkie-talkie. Soon after entering the building, Scott finds himself the protagonist of a found footage movie. Rookie move, Scott. I told you this would happen. No word yet on the confused bears, a la Condemned 2.

Gameplay revolves around Scott and Beth attempting to unravel the mystery while keeping Scott alive until dawn. While puzzle-solving and running from ghosts is certainly part of it, Death of Rose is as much a story about Scott and Beth. In an “ode to buddy-horror stories,” it’s up to you to, “control Scott and Beth’s personal relationship, which you will cultivate or destroy throughout the game.” The game also features some pretty bitchin visuals, to the point where I’m pretty shocked this was done by one dude.

So part Firewatch, part Silent Hill, and part Rule of Rose? Count me the fuck in. And I’m guessing you feel the same way. So go ahead and check the game out on Steam. It’s out soon, releasing on February 20th. If you want to check out Artur’s previous Silent Hills/P.T. work, you can check out his itch.io page here. Fair warning, you will have to support his Patreon to have access to them. It’s $15 bucks to get access, but hey, you’re also supporting a bright new star on the indie horror scene. You can check out his Patreon here if you want to show him some love.

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