New Trailer for Metamorphosis Shows a Much Different Premise Than That of the Original

Today a new trailer for Metamorphosis, a game based on the Franz Kafka short story of the same name, was released. For those who have not read it, Metamorphosis is the story of Gregor, a man who wakes up as a gigantic bug. He is unable to communicate with his family and spends the story confined to his bedroom, mentally processing his newfound bugness. Eventually, his family is less saddened and more angry at his presence in the house, and the story ends after one of them throws an apple into the protagonists’ chitinous skin. Unable to remove the apple lodged in his shell, the wound grows infected and he dies a sad bug death. I think. It’s been a while. 

In the trailer, we see the perspective of the protagonist, a bug, being interrogated by another bug. Suddenly the roof is ripped off the interrogation room and the interrogator is grabbed by a human hand and the protagonist is able to escape. Now, obviously none of that happened in the story. In this game, Gregor is not a giant bug, but a regular sized one. The original story of Metamorphosis would make for a fairly short and boring game. So Ovid Works, the developers, have had to take some creative liberties. Metamorphosis appears mainly to be the inspiration.

While there is little information out now, we know that Metamorphosis is a first-person exploration game, in a bug city made out of everyday objects a la A Bug’s Life. The trailer shows no gameplay, but the press release indicates that there will be puzzles to solve, platforming, parkour movement, and sticky little bug hands to climb on surfaces. You can check out more details at the Steam page here, or keep up with development by going to the All In! Games discord channel here. Also, you can watch our interview at PAX East 2020 with the Metamorphosis developers here

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