The Fold: Ingression is a One Man Horror Game Set in a Lovecraftian Norway

Knowing that your game is all made by one person is a rather impressive feat. It’s even more surprising when the game manages to look fantastic. Such is the case with The Fold: Ingression, an upcoming first-person thriller set on the coast of Norway. Just, you know, a Lovecraftian nightmare Norway where I’m certain bad things will happen.

You’ll play as Amund Vreim, a student taking a break between semesters. He manages to land a job taking care of an old church in Telemark, Norway, and decides to go ahead and take that job. Just one small problem: weird things are happening there. The trailer shows Amund’s father claiming he is “no longer your father” and summoning a rat that promptly attaches itself to a door and uses its own guts to hold it shut. Notably, Ingression is going to be the opening chapter to future The Fold games, which will tell more stories set in this world.

Also, it’s all made by one man. Audvyr Studio is composed of just Stian Willums, who formerly worked with Antagonist Games on survival horror game Through the Woods. This is especially impressive when you consider that the game wouldn’t look that out of place next to many other indie games that have entire teams working on them.

The Fold: Ingression does not currently have a release date, but you can go ahead and add the game to your wishlist here.

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