Hold on to Your Butts and Run Away From Dinosaurs in Deathground

Everyone who has ever watched Jurassic Park has always wished there were more good Jurassic Park games. While I’m aware of a few (that arcade light gun shooter is still my jam), most of the best ones end up being park management sims. So we turn to things sort of like Jurassic Park, and for that we have the newly announced Deathground.

When pit against dinosaurs, most of the time men tends to lose. Deathground lets you try and complete objectives, alone or co-op with friends, while also not getting eaten. However, the goal is not for goofy silly dinosaurs, or dinosaurs that are easily killed, but actual terrifying killing machines that can get the drop on you and eat you just like the T-Rex ate that one dude who was sitting on the toilet. Everyone says they won’t be the toilet guy, but lets be honest, most of us are toilet guy.

For the most part your goal is going to be get in, collect valuable loot, and get out. As you collect items, you’ll level up and gain experience for your character classes. At launch the goal is to have an engineer, who can hack things, a scout, who moves fast and has a motion detector, and a hunter, who gets a big gun. This way you can tailor your play style to what you feel like doing, and each group can have quite a bit of dynamic.

While the game is still in Kickstarter, you can get some nice rewards for backing it. It only takes ₤12 ($15 for you non-brits) to get a copy of the game at launch. Other goodies you can get include art packs, the soundtrack, a book of concept art, and even a dinosaur plushy. Donate ₤8000 (a little over $10,000) and you can get a special T-Rex that spawns for other players to see when you’re in a game with them. If that sounds like your kind of thing.

Deathground is currently on Kickstarter and, at the time of writing, is about 20% of the way to its ₤80,000 goal. You can check it out and donate to the project here.

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