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Resident Evil Re:Verse Open Beta Available April 8-11

Survival horror grandfather Resident Evil has dozens of titles to its name.Bundled with the upcoming Resident Evil Village, known for its statuesque antagonist, is another title. Known as Resident Evil Re:Verse, it features a variety of characters and locations from recent Resident Evil titles. Re:Verse bills itself as “beloved Resident Evil characters clash in a fight to the death!”

Resident Evil Re:Verse is a six-player deathmatch featuring iconic characters such as Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. The very nature of the game indicates that it very likely lies outside of the broader Resident Evil canon established in other titles. Players take control of one of these iconic characters then fight to the death with pistols, grenade launchers, and more. When slain, however, a character transforms into a powerful B.O.W., or Bio Organic Weapon. By collecting Virus Capsules, they become stronger and deadlier. Once defeated again, however, they will respawn as a human survivor.

“This is getting out of hand. Now there are three of them!”

The closed beta for Re:Verse concluded in late January. An open beta, however, will be available to play from 2:00 am on April 8 until 3:00 am on April 11 (EST). This open beta marks the first time that PC players can try Re:Verse for themselves, as the closed beta did not include them.

As the second Resident Evil-themed PvP title in as many years, Re:Verse has drawn considerable contention among fans. It comes hot on the heels of 2020’s Resident Evil 3-bundled Resident Evil Resistance. Resistance lost a considerable share of its playerbase within one month of release. Besides a brief uptick in December 2020, it has not recovered. Fan reception in anticipation for Resident Evil Re:Verse remains divisive and overall rather tepid. Resident Evil Re:Verse releases alongside Resident Evil Village on May 7, 2021. Resident Evil Village will feature series regular Chris Redfield along with the return of Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters.

  • Sebastian Galindo
    April 6, 2021

    I miss RE: Outbreak

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