The Shapeshifter Will Bring Shapeshifting Fantasy Adventure to Your Game Boy

I can say that shapeshfiting is one of the cool superhero powers. Soon you can use it to solve an adventure in The Shapeshifter, which will be hitting Kickstarter next week.

Being developed by Greenboy Games, who was also behind Where Is My Body?, once again the goal is to make a game that will run on an actual Game Boy, along with a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance if you have one of those laying around. This time around, if the Kickstarter manages to hit a stretch goal of €40,000, Greenboy Games will also make a NES version of The Shapeshifter.

In the game, you’ll play as Elliot, a young boy who can shapeshift into any animal he touches. He gets this power from elves, who grant it to him while he’s on a vacation at the mountain. You know how these things go. While it hasn’t been revealed what exactly he’ll need these powers for yet, the trailer does show him doing things like turning into a grasshopper to make long jumps, a rat to get into some sewers, and more. Also it shows him falling down some stairs as a turtle, which is a little sad.

While The Shapeshifter doesn’t currently have a release date, the game will hit Kickstarter on January 18th.

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