Maid of Sker Brings Real Welsh Ghosts To Life This June

I wouldn’t normally combine “scary” with “the Welsh.” The Welsh are a lovely lot, as long as you’re not an exceptionally attractive sheep. Although I will say the language does make for some great haunting melodies. I’d say they make the Made of Sker trailer quite… Skery! I’m assuming it’s pronounced “Sk-air.” If it’s “Sk-ear” or “Sk-ur,” then I apologize to all of Wales for this horrible slight.

Taking place in the macabre Hotel Sker, Maid of Sker tells the story of Elisabeth Williams. An 1800’s Welsh woman, her father locked her in her room where she died of heartbreak. Cause back in those times where heartbreak killed people rather than inspiring a successful solo music career. The story is written by the same people behind Wales Interactive’s previous game Don’t Knock Twice and Fricional Games’ SOMA. It also uses all sound-based enemies. Which makes sense since they all have sacks on their heads.

If Maid of Sker‘s trailer and images weren’t spooky enough for you, then perhaps the actual legends will be. The Sker House (it’s called Hotel Sker in the game, probably a translation niggle) is a real haunted house. Well, it’s a real house. How haunted it is is always up for debate. There are two ghosts said to live in Sker House, one of which is the Elisabeth Williams character Maid of Sker is all about. The building itself is over 900 years old, so it’s probably got some kind of spirit living there. I also have no idea how much blind baghead ghosts play into the local legend. That might be artistic liscence.

So if you want to check out Maid of Sker, you can get it on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this June. Switch gamers will have to wait until October. If you want to learn more, click here to check out the game’s Steam store page.

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