Murder Your Friends In The First Class Trouble Alpha Free On May 10th

There are few games that are able to break from the norm when it comes to multiplayer experiences. Usually, we have a game that involves two teams killing each other, teams killing various NPCs, or individuals killing each other. All of these involve some kind of gun or knife or sometimes even a bludgeon. But once in a while, a new multiplayer game comes along that requires something else. This is one of those games (don’t worry, you can still bludgeon people).

First Class Trouble is a game about a luxury space cruise. The ship is having some technical difficulties. A host of AI servants that look exactly like humans have conspired to kill their masters, and have turned off the oxygen in the ship. A few have survived, and must repair the ship and not get murdered by the murderbots. 

The gameplay is a mix of The Ship, Trouble in Terrorist Town (a gameplay mode in Garry’s Mod), and Barotrauma. There are two teams of players, one of humans, one of not-humans. The goal of the human team is to not get killed, the goal of the robot team is to kill. Simple enough. But for the human team, there is no way of knowing who is man and who is machine, and so some investigative work is required to survive. As for the robots, they need to act as human as possible until they can stealthily finish off their prey. Deception, stealth, manipulation—these bring something a lot more interesting to the formula, albeit used for the same purpose (killing).

The alpha build of First Class Trouble will be arriving on PC on May 10th (my birthday, coincidentally, not that it matters). Anyone who signs up for the mailing list will get a key, and you can do that emailing or joining their Discord. And you can check out their official website here for more information here, as well as wishlist the game on their Steam page.

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