The Call of Karen Has a 1950’s Housewife Battle Cthulhu

Normally, a stay at home mom and Cthulhu never really meet. After all, one is staying at home, the other is busy being a dark god of multiple realms that only seeks the destruction of everything. However, in The Call of Karen, the two meet, and they clearly don’t like each other. So now they must battle. Or as close to battle as this gets anyway.

You see, The Call of Karen is based, unsurprisingly, on a woman named Karen. It’s the 1950’s and she’s a rather unhappy housewife. Her marriage is unhappy, her kid is an ungrateful piece of shit, and she has a small problem where Cthulhu is currently messing with her house for reasons unknown. All she wants to do is try to prepare a nice dinner, but chaotic otherworldly forces are preventing that. So you may have to beat up a god.

For the most part, your tasks are to take care of the house while trying to either ignore or fix the weird things Cthulhu does to it. This may include removing gravity on your bacon and eggs, trapping your vacuum inside of a magical seal, and occasionally populating the house with flying books that attack you. How is anyone supposed to get any work done with such nonsense in the way?

Best of all? The Call of Karen is not only out now, but it’s completely free. You can get it on Steam here.

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