Indie Horror Adventure CURSE OF ANABELLE Seeking Just $16,722 On Kickstarter

No, not that Annabelle. It’s the same thing I thought when I saw the name. Then I watched the trailer. Let me tell you, I’m rarely shocked by indie horror trailers. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I’m frequently shocked by how bad games look. I’m rarely shocked because it looks far better than I expected. With Curse of Anabelle, I found myself having to do a double-take. This is an indie game that needs money on Kickstarter?

The sum they are asking for is paltry. Just $16,722 (converted from 13,000 pounds), which raises some eyebrows. According to the developers Rocwise Entertainment, the money is to help get the game to its finished state. It’s a common story, as games will often find themselves just feet from the finish line when the money runs out. Rather than rush out an unfinished project and patch it after release (like most companies do), Rocwise is trying to get that money upfront to release a finished game.

More information from the Official Press Release:

Istanbul-based independent game development studio Rocwise Entertainment’s first-person horror-adventure, Curse of Anabelle, is now live on Kickstarter!

The mystery begins when Anabelle, a 9-year-old girl, passes away on the grounds of Ramsey Mansion, in Boulder, Colorado. Following this unfortunate event, Emily, Anabelle’s older sister, begins to communicate in her dreams with her younger sister’s soul. At first; Emily thinks that these dreams were caused by the loss of a loved one, but the intensity of these episodes rises rapidly, convincing her that little Anabelle’s soul is somehow trapped in purgatory, and in desperate need of her help!

“We’re thrilled about taking Curse of Anabelle to Kickstarter for the final funding push needed to implement one last round of content, polishing the overall experience, bug squashing, as well as localization to other languages,” said Rocwise Entertainment Studio Director Engin Yüksel. “We’ve been working on the game for years now, and we’re one step away from finally being able to release it for all to play. With the help of our Kickstarter backers, we can make Curse of Anabelle the best game it can be.”

Backers can visit the Kickstarter page for Curse of Anabelle to secure some great digital rewards, as well as exclusive physical one-of-a-kind items such as a hand-crafted metal seal, or a physical handmade Book of Solomon, stored inside of an antique-style treasure chest!


  • Experience a mysterious story that’s based on real-world legends and myths
  • Explore the dark corners of the cursed Ramsey Mansion, and shed light onto its enigmatic and curious past to learn the truth about the Ramsey Lineage
  • Use an inventory of mystical arcane books to guide yourself through this perilous journey
  • Craft ancient seals and face the malevolent forces through ancient rituals
  • Travel between different timelines and discover alternate routes

So head on over to Curse of Anabelle‘s Kickstarter page to check it out! If you want to see the game in action now, you can also check out the demo on Steam.

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