DEATH STRANDING New Launch Trailer Is Long And Amazing

Before today, I wasn’t sold on Death Stranding. The 60-minute gameplay presentation from TGS was bloated with filler, and left me with the impression that the game would be mostly walking around baren landscapes. I know Kojima likes to keep his plots vague, which I respect. Still, there are ways to keep your secrets while still drawing me in. With the newest Death Stranding trailer, I finally have what I’m looking for. Consider me sold.

In typical Kojima fashion, the trailer is 8-minutes long. But my God is it worth it to sit through. In it, we learn plenty about Death Stranding‘s unique vision of the apocalypse. It’s mostly story in the trailer, but that’s the selling point. The bits and pieces of gameplay we see are more action-oriented, which is a welcome shift from slowly walking down a hill while somber music plays.

The trailer was revealed during the first stop of the “World Strand Tour,” a kickoff event designed to promote Death Stranding before and after release. The first event took place in Paris, with more locations being announced over time. So far, only Paris (today) and Singapore (November 17th) have been announced. So if you’re looking to join for any of the other locations, keep checking twitter.

In the meantime, you can pre-order Death Stranding at any retailer. The game launches on November 8th, so check back around then. We probably won’t be getting a code, so stay tuned for a post-launch review!

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