Tender Offer Lets You Play as the Slasher Villain

Usually in horror games we spend our time running away from monsters. Tender Offer seeks to changes that, by letting you commit the murder.

A new release and the first game by Diesel Dogs Games, Tender Offer is a free horror short that shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. You play as what appears to be a normal office worker who just wants a nice cup of coffee from the coffee machine. Of course, not all is as it seems, as his attempts to get one causes the lights to go red, a knife to be deposited, and the machine to start demanding that you bring it eyes. Thus, the eye collection begins.

For a first-time horror game, Tender Offer is shockingly well put together and a pretty great sign of things to come. The game manages to set up a fantastic atmosphere, with the red lights, VCR effects on the screen, and droning soundtrack. The more people you kill, and eyes you collect, the more horrific the entire game seems to get. There’s always that feeling that no matter how many eyes you feed the coffee machine, it’s only going to want more and more.

If you’re interested in Tender Offer, you can play it for free on Itch.io right now.

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