New Trailer For Voidtrain Is Probably The Most Bizarre Railway Simulator We’ve Ever Seen

As part of the IGN Summer of Gaming event, the announcement trailer for Voidtrain has been released. I don’t even know how to describe this one. Voidtrain is a co-op multiplayer game in a similar style as Guns of Icarus. It mixes survival, exploration, and zero gravity in this truly bizarre maybe-steampunk-maybe-not world.

The premise of Voidtrain is a railway simulator, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The trailer shows the train traversing several unique dimensions, and the Steam page suggests some form of procedural generation: “The generation of the environment, events, and objects around the player, as well as the choice of the player himself, will make every adventure you have in Voidtrain truly stand out. Each time there’s a new path to go on, new lands to discover, and a new train to build!”

As a crew member on the Interdimensional Express, you work with the rest of the team to build your railway up and travel the void. The gameplay of Voidtrain consists of collecting resources to upgrade the train, as well as fight off various void-beasts. The trailer also shows some scenes of customizability, which I assume has benefits other than an aesthetic change. Perhaps new parts add different buffs to the player, or maybe some turrets to fight off the hostile sky barracudas. Or maybe it is just aesthetic, that would be cool too.

There’s not much information about this game, but in a way, the mystery makes it all the more intriguing. You can check out the Voidtrain Steam page here, and to keep up with the game, you can follow developers Nearga on Twitter here.

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