Bloober Team Hints At New Observer Content In Enigmatic Tweet

Cool news today for fans of dystopian cyberpunk horror mindfuck Observer. It seems that the good people over at Bloober Team have something stirring. In what’s becoming more and more popular, the team behind Blair Witch and Layers of Fear tweeted out a cryptic message. It’s… unsettling, to say the least:

Eagle-eyed fans have already sleuthed out at least one hint hidden in the enigmatic video. The binary at the top of the screen reads, “Daniel are you there?” This is in reference to Dan Lazarski, the titular Observer and protagonist. The string of text at the top also reads “Chiron Incorporated,” which was the name of the megacorp that owns… pretty much everything. Released in 2017, Observer hasn’t seen any new content (aside from some ports) since launch. While not a smash hit at launch, the game has since grown a sizeable cult following thanks to its dystopian setting and unique mind-hacking mechanics. With the release of Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch, it seemed that Bloober Team had moved on from the project. But perhaps there’s still hope for the future of techno-Poland.

The twit-o-sphere is abuzz with rumors that we’ll soon see Observer 2, which would be fantastic. However, I find this unlikely. In a recent interview we did with Bloober Team’s head writer Andrzej Madrzak, he mentioned that while successful, the game wasn’t big enough to focus on a sequel. With the untimely death of Rutger Hauer (voice of Dan Lazarski), chances of a direct sequel are even slimmer. Chances are this is going to be a new director’s cut, maybe some DLC, or a mode that adds a robo-dog that helps you find items and deal with your PTSD. I would 100% pay money for a robo-dog edition.

But what do you make of this teaser? Did you find any clues that the other internet sleuths missed? Let me know in the comments! And check out our podcast if you want to learn more about what went into making Observer.

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