To Celebrate October, PlayStation Now Adds Several Solid Horror Games

Everyone loves to be spooked, or spooped, for October. If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Now then you get new games to play every month. Five games have been added this month, and it includes several horror games worth giving a look to.

The big additions come from a pair of first party titles from Sony. Days Gone is an open-world third-person shooter that has you exploring a zombie-filled world and trying to survive while avenging your dead wife. Its big feature was that you could face off against swarms of zombies 100+ big, giving you a noticeable challenge trying to dodge them while lowering their numbers. The other major Sony game this month is MediEvil, a remake of a classic PlayStation 3d platformer. While it may not be spooky, it certainly falls under the spoopy category, and it shows a real love for Halloween and scary skeletons.

Additionally, you can also grab Friday the 13th: The Game. It’s a multiplayer horror game where one player plays as Jason Voorhees as he hunts down the other players, who are simply camp councilors trying to survive. Each player has plenty of options available to them, helping with both survival and murder, and if you’re looking for a Dead by Daylight replacement then Friday the 13th: The Game makes a rather solid one.

If you’re not so interested in these horror games, this month also adds in a pair of other games. You can play 2.5d co-op puzzle platformer Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, and Double Fine’s top down action roguelike RAD. All five games should make a pretty decent addition to your backlog though.

You can subscribe to PlayStation Now here, either for $9.99 a month or $59.99 for a full year.

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