Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Header

Dead by Daylight Brings Hellraiser To Show Such Sights

Surprise! Today Behavior Interactive has announced that Hellraiser is indeed the latest horror movie IP to join in Dead by Daylight. Best of all, you can start playing right now.

The announcement itself wasn’t a major surprise, as Behavior has been teasing Hellraiser would be the next addition to the game since Friday, with staticky television sets that displayed “1987” on them (the year the original Hellraiser came out) and displaying a video clip of a flower that was seen in the original version. Indeed, this was all leading towards Hellraiser. Behavior has started things off by announcing the killer, who is, of course, Pinhead. Since this is a full expansion you can also expect a new survivor, and there’s a chance for a new map as well, though neither of those has been revealed yet.

So what does Pinhead bring to Dead by Daylight? His special ability allows him to summon living chains, much like he does in the movies. These chains will act on their own and hunt down survivors, chaining them up to slow them down so Pinhead can catch up to them. In addition to this, the infamous Lament Configuration (the box) will be on the map. As long as it’s on the map it’ll summon its own chains. Survivors can pick it up and solve it, stopping it from summoning chains, or Pinhead can pick it up and move it around, causing it to summon more chains. Of course, Pinhead will also come with three unique perks, though the details of them haven’t been shared yet.

While Hellraiser is being added to Dead by Daylight, it’s worth noting that this is also your last chance to get Stranger Things content. Behavior has announced that the Stranger Things content will be leaving Dead by Daylight in the middle of November. While anyone who already owns the survivors or killer can still play them, the Hawkings Research Lab map will no longer be in the rotation and no one new can get them. Thankfully, all the Stranger Things content will be half off until they’re removed.

If Hellraiser tickles your fancy, the full expansion will be available sometime next month. You can grab Dead by Daylight right now, and there’s plenty of other characters to try out. May I suggest the Resident Evil expansion?