Song of Horror Bringing its Tunes to Consoles in October

It’s always rad to see a horror game working out. Song of Horror is one of those games. After a successful PC release, the game will now be taking its songs to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for more people to enjoy, and you can nab it on October 29th.

Song of Horror follows a mystery where Sebastian P. Husher, a famous author, goes missing. When the first person sent to find him can’t and then goes missing as well, different people begin to look into the issue. You’ll play as one of 13 different characters, each of whom has some tie to the author. However the game has one major catch: if the character you’re playing as dies, they are dead for good and you have to continue with one of the others.

The game originally released episodically on PCs, with the first two episodes coming out in 2019 and a new episode following every few months until the last episode came out in May. Now all five episodes are going to be bundled together and put onto consoles. If you missed the chance to play the game before, this is basically the next best time to do so.

Song of Horror is currently available on PC, and you can nab it here. It’ll hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 29th.

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