Song of Horror Releases on PlayStation, Xbox to Follow

Episodic survival horror sleeper hit Song of Horror released today on PlayStation systems. The Xbox version is awaiting certification on the Microsoft platform for an imminent release. Previously released on PC in 2019, Song of Horror’s console launch includes all five chapters from the Steam release into a complete edition.

In Song of Horror, players take control of a variety of people as they combat The Presence, an evil entity that learns from the player as they play. The group investigates the disappearance of Sebastian P. Husher, a renowned but rather reclusive writer. Husher and his family appear to have vanished without a trace. Each of the 13 different playable characters has their strengths and weaknesses, bringing unique solutions to solving the unfolding mystery. The third-person adventure features heavy Lovecraftian elements, paying homage to survival horror classics such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark.

Song of Horror The Presence Creature
The Presence will take many forms in Song of Horror.

Song of Horror de-emphasizes combat. Instead, players rely on their wits to survive. They’ll need to run, hide, and stay quiet lest they trigger manifestations of The Presence. The adaptive AI ensures that no two runs or frights are ever quite the same. Players must be careful, as death is permanent. Regretfully, it isn’t always the end, either. The Presence will haunt those poor forsaken souls to wreak havoc on the others. Each of the five different chapters use a different classic horror location: an antique shop, an abbey, an abandoned mental hospital, and so on.

Check out the terror on console for yourself, and watch the trailer. If you’re looking for Song of Horror on PC, you can find all five episodes bundled together on the game’s Steam page. Song of Horror was developed by Protocol Games, based in Spain. Song of Horror is the studio’s first release. Publisher Raiser Games includes Goat of Duty as well as Esports Life Tycoon among its other published titles. Dread XP has previously covered the news of its console release..

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