Green Hell Drops Spirits of Amazonia Part 2

Survival game Green Hell released the second part of its Spirits of Amazonia expansion. To celebrate its release, the Steam version enjoys a temporary 30% discount to its price. Spirits of Amazonia will come to consoles at a later date. Creepy Jar has assured that the update will remain free for them, as well.

In the first part, released in late January 2021, Jake Higgins made nice with a local Amazonian tribe. Part 2 will continue Jake’s journey along with new content. Spirits of Amazonia Part 2 includes new Tribal Legends along with its plethora of other goodies. Many map areas feature massive revamps, portraying how they looked before the events of the base Green Hell story mode. The Un’garaca make an appearance as a new hunting tribe, with new activities such as healing and drums. There’s a dangerous new adversary stalking Jake this time around as well. Luckily, he’ll also have a hefty axe to protect himself. If he’s lucky, he might even spot the new wildlife. Black panthers and the elusive tapir come to the new expansion.

Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Map Revamp
Spirits of Amazonia Part 2 freshens up many of the base game maps.

The original Green Hell features Jake Higgins, a survival author. Mia, an anthropologist and his wife, tags along. She goes to live with the Yabahuaca tribe to do research, as the tribe is rather xenophobic. Jake receives a distress call from Mia, but she is nowhere to be found. After a run-in with some would-be assailants, the real survival game begins. Jake must find Mia, taking care not to fall victim to the many perils in the Green Hell. The Spirits of Amazonia campaign acts as a prequel to the main story arc, with more of a sandbox feel.

Creepy Jar, based in Warsaw, Poland, was established in 2016. Its team includes experienced developers and creators from studios such as Techland and Flying Wild Hog. The team recently began developing a new project, which they’ve code-named “Chimera.” Look forward to more details in the future.