Hello Puppets! Midnight Show Announced at Steam Next Fest

tinyBuild announced a prequel to Hello Puppets! VR today. The first-person horror game is titled Hello Puppets! Midnight Show.

Hello Puppets! Midnight Show takes place in 1987. The player is Owen Gubberson, a puppeteer. He’s the creator of Mortimer’s Handeemen, an obvious knock-off of The Muppets. Unfortunately, Mortimer’s Handeeman is about to be canceled. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the occult has the answer. Owen casts a spell to bring the puppets to life. Of course, it turns out that the magic worked, maybe a little too well. The puppets are sadistic evil little creatures with their own plans. Owen has a single night to stop the spell and get out of the Handeemen studio in one piece.

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Cursed Nutcracker
Thanks, I hate this creepy bright-eyed nutcracker.

Hello Puppets! Midnight Show includes cat-and-mouse gameplay. Owen must elude an AI that hunts him down. Learning its behavior and adapting to it is the key to survival. It also includes four “boss” encounters with their own patrol patterns, personalities, and stories. The expansive, elaborate levels will feature plenty of tools to defend yourself against the puppets.

Otherworld Interactive is developing the game. Their previous titles include Sisters and Hello Puppets! VR. tinyBuild, known for its publication of a variety of series such as Hello Neighbor, will publish when it launches later this year.

As part of Steam Next Fest, players can download a demo available for a limited time. Check it out on Steam. The full release of Hello Puppets! Midnight Show is expected to release sometime late 2021. If you like the demo, be sure to Wishlist Hello Puppets! Midnight Show on Steam. tinyBuild also released a trailer on their YouTube channel earlier today. Check it out up above, and don’t forget to follow the game on Steam to get the latest news.

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