Weird West Is The Good The Bad And The Unholy

This final game on the Devolver Direct showcase is a great mix of genres. Created by some of the developers behind Dishonored and Prey, Weird West is a dark fantasy western. Gunslingers and sheriffs and Lycans and cultists. What’s not to love. 

While much about this title is still more or less shrouded in mystery, the trailer shows it has similar gameplay to Desperados 3. As the new trailer also states, Weird West also has simulation elements as well. The fully detailed sandbox world of Weird West can be taken on in any number of playstyles. You can use stealth, trickery, strategy, and action alike to survive. 

Another facet of Weird West explored in the trailer is the effects of the player’s choices. Kill a merchant, and their friends will come to ambush you later. Not only that, but the characters also do not forget about your actions. “Your choices stay in the game, so stealing from shops and killing people have consequences you cannot discard by a simple game reload.” 

There is no release date yet for Weird West, but it is planning on launching sometime in 2021. You can wishlist the game by visiting their Steam page here.

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