Those Who Remain Trailer Shows Comfy Rural Town and Nightmare Creatures

Today, the first trailer for Those Who Remain was released. Those Who Remain is a psychological horror game set in Dormont, a sleepy town that teeters on the edge of reality. The town and everyone in it is warped by dark forces, and Edward, the protagonist, must survive the town’s horrors and discover what evil forces are about. 

The trailer for Those Who Remain shows us what we can expect to see in the foggy town of Dormont. Among the standard small town sights, like a sunflower field and a neon sign diner, most notable in this trailer is a gigantic evil Swamp Thing looking creature that is either made of roots and tendrils or human limbs. Can’t decide what is more unsettling. Some other unsettling things we saw was a crowd of stationary townies with glowing eyes, one angry looking woman with an entire glowing face, and some kind of dreamscape/ otherworldly space with floating cubes. 

Those Who Remain is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 28th. Later in the summer it will release on Nintendo Switch. For more information you can check out their website here and Steam page here.

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