Roguelite Horror Monstrum To Get Physical Release For Consoles

SOEDESCO have announced that the popular horror game Monstrum will be getting a physical release. Created by indie developer Team Junkfish, Monstrum is an almost roguelite horror experience. Relying on procedurally generated levels and monster placement, you can be sure that the same strategy will not work twice. 

Set on a derelict cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, Monstrum pits you in a game of cat and mouse with one of three random monsters. With no way of defending yourself, you must find supplies, avoid traps, gather key items, and make it off the ship alive. But without knowing where the items may be or which monster you’re up against, the standard horror formula takes on a new layer of suspense. 

Monstrum will be arriving to store shelves on September 25th. But if you can’t wait for the physical release, you can buy the game on PS4, X1, and PC.

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