Mothmen 1966 Brings Pulp Mysteries this July

Mothmen 1966 will bring its pulp fiction and old home computer style to contemporary consoles and the PC on July 14. Find it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam that Thursday.

Starring a couple of lovebirds, a gas station owner, and an investigator, you’ll trawl through the backwoods of West Virginia. The piercing red eyes that follow you are definitely not nothing. It doesn’t seem to be real, and yet the evidence is right before you. Search for cryptids with your binoculars, but mind the wildlife. With its 1980s-style tech, using 8-bit visuals and a lo-fi soundscape, it’s a romp through the woods in search of a local legend.

The Leonids (a November meteor shower) light up the sky, but during the show of 1966 something else hitched a ride. Lee, Victoria, Holt, and Lou find themselves embroiled in a disturbing conspiracy. What do the strange men in black want? What possesses such creepy, glowing red eyes? Could it be the Mothmen Lou has been researching? It takes great inspiration from the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books popular at the time, along with a few puzzles, and looks like it’s rendered through an old ZX Spectrum.

Mothmen 1966 Victoria Gas Station Dialogue
It gives off very early Laura Bow or other adventure game vibes with its use of dithering.

“When we first saw Mothmen 1966, we immediately fell in love with the aesthetic and the writing and knew we had to work with LCB Game Studio. What they’re doing with interactive fiction is nostalgic yet appealing and accessible to modern audiences. We’re very excited to be bringing Mothmen 1966 to fans of narrative games everywhere in July.”

Shintaro Kanaoya, Founder & CEO, Chorus Worldwide

Nico Saraintaris and Fernando Martinez founded LCB Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the early 2010s. Saraintaris, a novelist, and Martinez, an artist, have collaborated on various video games, illustrated novels, and other narrative experiences. The duo is now working on “Pizel Pulps,” fast-paced writing and illustrations that draw on mid-century pulp fiction and 1980s-era computer graphics.

Chorus Worldwide employs veterans from a variety of large publishing companies, such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts. They work with developers around the world, including Argentina, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Previous published works include Coffee Talk and the Asian market releases of The Room and sequel The Room Two.