Okay, I guess that Don’t Starve was also a spooky Stardew Valley. I guess it would be more accurate to say that Drake Hollow looks like Stranger Things mixed with Monster Rancher, Stardew Valley, and the original Fortnite. Oh wait, that doesn’t fit in a headline. Spooky Stardew Valley it is, then.

The Drake Hollow trailer is just one of many that dropped at the recent XO19, alongside West of Dead and Grounded. Aside from the trailer, not much is known about the game. The official website literally just says, “Action Village Building.” It’s developed by The Molasses Flood, who are also the people behind The Flame in the Flood. Here’s the announcement tweet, confirming that Drake Hollow does in fact exist:

Simply delightful. But also spooky. Look at how spooky these monsters are!

No word yet on the release date or platforms. Since it was announced at X019, it’s safe to bet that Drake Hollow will be on Xbox and PC at least. I’ll let you know when there’s more news. Until then, here’s some cool art!

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