Carrion Unlocks New Achievement, Releases Live-Action Trailer

It’s not often that you hear about a game getting an achievement, but Carrion by Phobia Game Studio has. In just one week after its release, the game sold over 200k copies, not too shabby for a new IP. And for getting this achievement, Carrion has a reward for you too.

Today Devolver Digital dropped the “Behind the Screams” video for Carrion. In it we see the live action process of creating the game, featuring none other then the Carrion creature itself. Talking about life in the spotlight, the motion capture process, and how craft services needs to have several deliveries of livestock every day, the Carrion creature reveals the ins and outs of the industry.

Carrion, for those who haven’t played, is a game about meat. Horrible, writhing, terrifying meat, that breaks out of its containment and begins a rampaging through the underground lab. A horror game where you play as the horror, Carrion is a uniquely disturbing game similar to John Carpenter’s The Thing, if the Thing were the size of a truck.

You can check out our review for Carrion by clicking here. And for more information, check out the Devolver Digital website here.

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