What Happened Will Give You An Idea of What Happened in the Launch Trailer

Sometimes something causes you to sit and stare and ask what happened that led up to this event. This is, vaguely, the idea behind What Happened, a game about a High School student that is currently battling his inner demons of anxiety and depression. These demons can take some scary literal forms too.

You play as Stiles, a teenage boy attending High School. Sadly, things aren’t exactly going great. High School is already rough, as anyone who went through it may be able to tell you, but Stiles suffers from emotional and mental problems that only really manage to make it worse. If Stiles will even make it through High School is going to depend on your decisions, and how you treat him while playing the game.

However, Stiles’ problems also manifest themselves in psychological breaks that almost look like they’ve come straight out of a Silent Hill game. A trip into his mind can get strange, including destroyed buildings, rain indoors, random flooding, and more. The demons manifest as creatures as well, and the way hands seem to reach out of objects can certainly make for some interesting imagry. The developers have been pretty open in what has influenced the development history of What Happened, and you can see their thoughts on it here.

If What Happened appeals to you, the game has just hit Steam and you can get it here.

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