Turbo Kid Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow

The Turbo Kid Kickstarter launches tomorrow, according to a press release by developer Outerminds. Based on the film of the same name, Turbo Kid is a Metroidvania taking place in the distant future of 1997. It will release on PCs and the Nintendo Switch.

Protagonist The Kid attempts to cross the Wasteland, a desolate godforsaken place. Like the movie, Turbo Kid will feature plenty of vast, diverse environments for the player to explore. It includes ludicrously excessive gore, fun BMX tricks, a heartwarming background story, and a soundtrack courtesy of electronic band Le Matos. The creators of the original Turbo Kid film are deeply involved in the development process, somewhat rare in the realm of licensed games.

The Turbo Kid Kickstarter launches at 12:00 noon, EST on October 13. Support the project on its official Kickstarter page to become a backer. The project is a collaboration between developer Outerminds and RKSS Films, EMA Films, and the Canadian Media Fund. Don’t forget to check out the trailer, which debuted back in August.

Outerminds is a studio based in Montreal. Founded in 2014, it specializes in developing video games featuring large influencers. The studio develops games for both mobile and console markets, specializing in platformers and runners.

RKSS Films, also known as Roadkill Superstars is a Canadian film studio based in Canada. Their 2015 film Turbo Kid serves as the inspiration for the game. They also directed the horror mystery film Summer of 84 (2018).

EMAfilms, based in Canada, produces “award-winning dramas, captivating documentaries and buzzy genre films.” The company has won numerous accolades for their work, which you can learn about on their about us page.

The Canadian Media Fund’s vision is, “A world where Canada‚Äôs talent and experiences transcend platforms and borders, triggering emotion, innovation and ideas.” It fosters, promotes, and funds Canadian entertainment spanning audiovisual art forms. CMF receives support from the Canadian government and various cable, satellite, and IPTV distribution companies.