90’s Throwback Shooter Night of the Scarecrows Drops Alongside New Trailer

You like throwback shooters for budget prices? Hell yeah you do! We all love games like Dusk and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. But those games can be in excess of 15 real cash dollars. So why not try out something that’s only 5 real cash dollars? Night of the Scarecrows is a budget shooter with an unapologetically hardcore bend. Most of the negative Steam reviews seem to be complaining that it’s too hard. Which is probably a good thing if you’re a masochistic psychopath like me.

Shoot guns, trap enemies with combine harvesters, die a lot, all in the name of gory fun. There’s no regenerating health, hints, radar, any of that stuff that makes you weak. The game also comes with three extra modes to whittle away the hours:

  • “Quick Death” game mode: first person shooter chess. Ammo is limited, so you have to avoid enemies, waiting for a chance to blast at least two of them with single shot.
  • “Barn Massacre” game mode: you are locked in a small barn with hundreds of nasty faceless scarecrows. Enjoy the music of falling enemies and the rain of their guts.
  • “Gas Tower Defence” game mode: protect your sniping spot. With rifles. Given to you by Mother Mary. After your diligent prayers.

Now to be clear, I have no idea if this game is the next hidden gem or not. At time of writing, I’m pretty sure I’m one of 285 people that have actually discovered this game. So if you’re looking to roll the dice, this is for you. For five bucks, what more could you want? Give it a shot! You can find Night of the Scarecrow‘s Steam store page by clicking here.

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