In Sound Mind Is The Psychological Horror Where You Actually Play As A Psychologist

In Sound Mind is by developers We Create Stuff, best known for their game Nightmare House 2 (which is free and really cool, click here and try it out). It’s a psychological horror game with an emphasis on solving puzzles, similar to Silent Hill. After watching the trailer you may be asking yourself why you should be interested in another “wake up in a spooky town full of spooky mannequins” game. Well, I’ll tell you.

In Sound Mind has you in the role of Desmond Wales, a psychiatrist who conveniently finds himself in need of psychiatric care. After extensive sessions with patients who all seem to suffer from debilitating mental issues preceding death, Wales begins to suffer those same symptoms. Seeking answers, he replays the recorded sessions in office, when the recording opens a portal to the mindscape. Trapped in a deady surreal world, Wales must find what ailed the patients while fighting off the nightmare creatures. 

In Sound Mind is a sort of anthology-like episodic series. As the Steam page says, “journey through a progression of unsettling stories, each with unique puzzles, mechanics, weapons, and boss fights.” Each recording represents a new patient, and with it, a new psyche for you to survive. 

What stuck out most to me was the visuals. For the most part, they looked like your standard spooky house/spooky town simulator. Earth tones and very little light. However, there are some parts that steer away from that style. In Sound Mind is a surreal and at times almost psychedelic horror game, with the mostly dark and unsettling areas frequently lit up by bright and colorful bursts. This change in brightness and color, even if it’s brief, sets In Sound Mind apart from most. At least, for my tiny walnut brain it does. 

Right now there’s a demo for the game available. You can download it through Steam by clicking here. And for more information, you can check out the In Sound Mind website here

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