Gloomwood Is Thief But You’re Allowed To Use Guns And Be Cool

Created by solo developer Dillon Rogers and produced by New Blood, who are notorious for only publishing cool and good games, comes this latest low-poly throwback, Gloomwood. It may look almost identical, but Gloomwood is leagues different than the classic stealth game Thief.

In Gloomwood you play as a nameless Victorian man in a mysterious Victorian town. But this is no ordinary town, it is an evil and ancient city consumed by a terrible curse. With residents who shoot on sight and far more fearsome creatures sneaking in the shadows, you must use an arsenal of weapons and traps to make it out alive.

A cane sword, grappling hook-harpoon gun, and break-action shotgun (not a double barrel, something entirely different and apparently based on a real gun?) are just some of the tools at your disposal that make Gloomwood a lot more action-packed and interesting than it’s inspiration of Thief. But then, what would you expect from the company that brought us Dusk, Amid Evil, and Faith?

We actually had the chance to play the Gloomwood build back in March for PAX South 2020, which you can read about here. If you wana check it out yourself, you can download the free demo here.

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