Mick Gordon Perfects DOOM Eternal Soundtracks With Heavy Metal Choir

Okay, I seriously don’t know how this isn’t all over the internet. Just a few weeks ago, fans were worried that DOOM Eternal was replacing metal with mumble rap. I get that the youths need to be appealed to, but this is DOOM. DOOM is heavy metal. A fan fixed the trailer by replacing the mumble rap with some sick Mick Gordon riffs. Well, in response to the public outcry, the good people at id Software and Mick Gordon himself put out this video detailing how they got their metal feeling so heavy. Turns out, they got a whole choir to scream demonic chants. How positively heavy metal.

As the video above details, Mick Gordon acquired a cast of talented vocalists from all over the world of heavy metal. He even got a Mongolian metal dude that can do that dank throat singing that you should definitely right now Google videos of. With their powers combined, they created the world’s most metal choir. Say goodbye to your Sunday church ladies. This is how I want to sing praises to my dark Gods.

This is seriously badass. The collection of talent Mick got together is almost as legendary as the sounds they produced. I didn’t think I could get more hyped for DOOM Eternal, but I’ll be damned if this didn’t kick me up to 11. Watch the whole fucking video. It’s a masterpiece. Then pick up DOOM Eternal when it drops on March 20th. You can find more about the game by clicking the Steam store link here.

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