SKYHILL: Black Mist Is An Upcoming Isometric Survival Horror With A Slight Cyberpunk Style

Isometric horror games are something of an oddity. Aside from Darkwood, Cayne, and maybe the first Diablo game, most horror titles stick to the first or third person perspective. In this regard, SKYHILL: Black Mist is something of a novelty. A survival horror experience reminiscent of Dead Space, the unusual camera angle of SKYHILL does not diminish the terror you will experience.

SKYHILL: Black Mist takes place in the enormous interconnected residential buildings of the Skyhill Corporation, a mysterious biotech conglomerate. As a Skyhill employee, you have just moved in to your new living quarters, when suddenly things get dark. Your daughter is kidnapped, cult members are trying to hunt you down, and a terrible black mist has descended upon the building, turning humans into monsters.

But with a Groundhog Day style gameplay loop, when the protagonist dies (and you will die, many times) he awakens again in his bed. Now you must discover the mystery of the monsters, the black mist, and the cultists, all while searching for supplies to survive and medicine to keep the black mist plague at bay.

SKYHILL: Black Mist will be available on Steam on May 28th. You can check out their page by clicking here

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