Inexistence Rebirth Is A Remastered Metroidvania That Is Three Times Larger Than The Original

Inexistence Rebirth is the remaster of Jonathan Brassaud’s Metroidvania RPG, Inexistence. This new and improved version has a number of upgrades from the 2016 release. A new game engine provides faster processing and better visuals. New graphics for many sprites and a number of new levels have been added, as well as new game modes and new side quests. Per the Steam page’s description, Inexistence Rebirth has “content 3 times larger than the basic version, with new stages, enemies, etc…”

In Inexistence Rebirth, you play as Hald, who has been chosen by the gods along with his sister to be “Keepers.” Their divine task to protect the world is disrupted when his sister is cursed and falls into a deep sleep. By using magic spells to fight through countless monsters, Hald must find the man who has cursed his sister, and return balance to the world. 

For more information, you can check out the Inexistence Rebirth Steam page here. And you can read more about Jonathan Brassaud by visiting his website here.

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