New Content Announced After RPG Deck Building Game Black Book Reaches New Stretch Goals

Black Book developers Morteshka have announced that following their successful kickstarter campaign, they will be adding additional content to the final product. Black Book has reached over $100,000 from their backers, meeting the requirements for the first four stretch goals. And with 11 days remaining, it is likely they will meet one or two more. 

Black Book is a card based RPG, where you play as a young sorceress named Vasilisa. In a similar story as Shadow of the Colossus, Vasilisa is on a quest to bring her loved one back to life, a quest which always goes well and never results in some kind of horrific outcome. The gameplay is “inspired by Slay the Spire and SteamWorld Quest, while the setting of Slavic mythology will be instantly familiar to fans of The Witcher series,” the Kickstarter reads.

The stretch goals met for Black Book thus far have added a number of new features, including English voiceover, companion quests, a new companion that appears to be a raven, and a roguelike battle mode. Though Black Book is only $10,000 away from the next stretch goal which is a talking skull companion. So get that debit card out now. 

For more information about Black Book, you can check out their Kickstarter page by clicking here. You can also play a prologue for free on Steam, available here

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