Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Watch Out For Aliens While You Are In Isolation In Entropia

Welcome back for your Daily Dose! Today’s game is Entropia by itch.io developer Sky High Games (probably unrelated to Entropia Universe, don’t tell MindArk). Taking inspiration from Alien and SCP, this title is a familiar space tale of being woken up from stasis way too early.

The onboard AI of the vessel SpaceX (probably a coincidence, don’t tell Musk) brings you out of your interstellar slumber to fix a few critical issues. Among these issues, is the containment breach of the weird little alien critters the ship was carrying. Entropia is about repairing the damaged ship while avoiding getting bit by the headcrabs (probably a coincidence, don’t tell valve) as well as whatever other horrors may creep about.

You can try the Entropia demo for free on itch.io by clicking here.

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